Nintendo Switch drops in price at Cdiscount – News

All types of promotions are possible with the code 25EUROS! So why not apply it straight to the Nintendo Switch console and see the price melt like snow in the sun? Don’t rob us. This promotion reduces the price of the console by € 25. With the hits of the moment and the future, getting a Nintendo Switch is becoming increasingly important. In this way you can add a Nintendo Online membership or a prepaid card to make some purchases in the eShop. We’re sure you’ll find a way to use that $ 25! Buy Nintendo Switch Neon for € 274.99 instead of € 299.99

The console of the moment

The Nintendo Switch is a worldwide success. Inventories are also starting to shrink. Could there be another Nintendo Switch shortage? Impossible to predict. However, the latest addition from the Japanese company is well on its way to becoming the best-selling console of all time! Nintendo licenses are more than commercial success, they are part of popular culture. Mario, Zelda, and even Pokémon. If the latter is not a license created by Nintendo, it is still closely associated with the company in the video game space. February’s Nintendo Direct will have shown us that the news is not going to stop with many games in development. We are eagerly awaiting the arrival of the next The Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild 2 … In the meantime, fans will be pleased with the Zelda Skyward Sword HD remaster, which will be available in a few weeks. Also read: By jameson30, journalist MP