Nintendo Switch: 5 games for less than € 10 in Nintendo eShop – News

Platform, puzzle, role play, simulation or even strategy … the Nintendo Switch games catalog is full of fun and diverse experiences. Hundreds of titles that you can sometimes find on Nintendo eShop at great prices, thanks in particular to regular offers not to be missed! For less than € 10 you can experience epic adventures or collaborate with your friends (local or online) in single or multiplayer games. Not sure where to start? No panic ! Here is a selection of five great value games not to be missed. Discover hundreds of games in the Nintendo eShop!

My time in Portia: New workshop for a new life

(Adventure, RPG, Simulation / 1 player) Price: 7.49 € (until 07/03) The small village of Portia, which was struck by a disaster, is only a shadow of itself … And it’s up to you, it with the rebuild workshop left by your father! My Time at Portia is a life simulator mixed with elements of RPG where you get your hands dirty. Mine, harvest and manage your workshop as well as your farm to regain the resources useful for rebuilding the village while exploring the surrounding dungeons in search of treasure. But living just for work is out of the question: carving a bib with your neighbors and organizing large parties are equally important activities in bringing Portia back to its nobility!

A short hike: a real walk in the park!

(Adventure, platforms / 1 player) Price: € 6.99 Are you looking for a relaxing break? A short hike is for you with its colorful art direction, enchanting universe, and simple but effective gameplay. Your playground is a mountainous island that you absolutely must get to, including the use of various items that you gathered during your climb. Take the hiking trails for comfort or climb the rock walls if you have the intrepid soul. In any case, your willingness to take risks will be rewarded with countless treasures that can be found across the archipelago. Treat yourself to a breath of fresh air between two video conferences or trips on public transport!

The Escapists 2: The Great Escape

(RPG, simulation, strategy / 1 to 4 players / 1 Joy-Con or 1 controller per player / cooperation and collisions) Price: 4.99 € (until 07/03) Michael Scofield is better off! Escape alone or in a group in this sequel to the famous escape game from a variety of high security prisons, be it through cunning, craft or destruction. An experience renewed thanks to the nomadic character of the Nintendo Switch! Wherever you are, try the great co-op escape with a split-screen friend, each armed with a Joy-Con. Are you looking for a more competitive experience? Head over to The Escapists 2 Versus mode, where you can play against up to 4 players. Victory goes to whoever reaches the exit first!

Heave Ho: swing!

(Platforms, strategy / 1 to 4 players / 1 Joy-Con or 1 controller per player / cooperation) Price: € 9.99 In this crazy concept game, your goal is to get from point A to point B while leaving the platform swing to platform Be careful not to fall into a precipice. However, you will very quickly find that this task is very complicated, especially for many people. While it can be played solo, Heave Ho is indeed the most chaotic between friends, but it is also the funniest! Good coordination with your teammates and a lot of patience (especially if one of your friends can’t help but “accidentally” let go of the push button) is required to go through all the levels of the game, all of which are more complicated than the others.

Human Fall Flat: We said “not the physical”!

(Platforms, puzzles / 1 to 8 players / cooperation) Price: 7.49 € (until 04/03) Human Fall Flat combines platform and reflection and invites you to cross different dream worlds, be it villas, Aztec cities or even snow-capped ones Mountains to help you with the elements of the decor. Problem: You play as a shaky person whose movement accuracy is completely absent, which makes even the slightest manipulation of objects difficult. Again, this unlikely physics game in multi (up to 8 players online) stands out. The more you are, the more the opportunities to explore and the solutions to the puzzles multiply … not to mention the giggles that all these newborn characters have in store for you!

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