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News tip model, 100% complete solution: Our guide to solving all puzzles in the game! Maquette is a puzzle game. By definition, this means that it is a puzzling game. If you can’t get enough of going around in circles at some point, don’t panic, we have it all for you! Here’s the full guide to the PS5 Game of the Month for March on PS +! If you’re lucky enough to have a PlayStation 5 and PS Plus subscription, you’ve probably already downloaded Maquette. For people who haven’t taken the plunge yet, we recommend it, this is a charming puzzle game. The latest from Annapurna Interactive (editor of Outer Wilds or Journey) traces the romantic story of Michael and Kenzie through the imaginary world they created together. The title is a puzzle game in which the player can manipulate the size of various objects thanks to a miniature reproduction of the game room. An interesting concept that can be used to solve puzzles that are sometimes quite difficult … especially since there is no help built into the game. Anyway, here’s our full guide to the game: A guide that walks through every chapter of the puzzles Maquette has to offer, chapter by chapter. This is simply the intro to the game. If you need a solution at this level, it’s because you didn’t understand one of Maquette’s central mechanisms … Here we finally get to the heart of the matter. Michael and Kenzie’s romance begins, everything is sweet. This chapter provides a good understanding of how the model works. You will see that thanks to this possibility it is possible to make objects bigger, smaller and much more. But we’re not going to tell you too much, if you want to pamper yourself because you are blocking somewhere, the walkthrough is for it. This is the most complicated chapter in the game. Since nothing is explained, some mechanics are very obscure. If you don’t need our tips, well done. The title of the chapter spoils the scenario a bit … but hey, we expected that, right? Here you have to play with a new mechanic. This time, not only can the objects get bigger or smaller, but also … yourself! Again, there really is something that can break your head. Don’t hesitate to consult our walkthrough in case of error. This chapter is just a long maze. Not a spoiler, but know that with one simple tap you will complete the entire chapter! The puzzles in this chapter aren’t necessarily the most complicated, but how long they take! Very little fun figuring out the principle of a puzzle, but spending a lot of time trying tons of possible combinations. Simplify your life, you know exactly what to do with just one of our screenshots! We come to the last chapter of Maquette. It may not be the hardest part, but it is probably the most poetic. There are still a pretty complicated mechanic or two left to find. If you get stuck, you know where to click. Our full run of the modeling by -LecHad-, writing from MP