Hitman 3 reveals its March roadmap – News

Game News Hitman 3 Unveils Its Roadmap For March In February, Hitman 3 players were invited to travel to Dartmoor to sign a brand new free climbing contract before heading to Dubai for another mission. This month of March will of course be accompanied by its own roadmap that offers players new content. On March 4th, all Hitman 3 players will be able to participate in their next escalation contract called the Lesley Celebration. The aim is to track down a number of VIPs in the halls of a crowded Berlin nightclub. Deluxe Edition or Deluxe Pack owners will be able to benefit from a new escalation contract starting March 30th, inspired by Agent 47’s past. Here it will be necessary to escape from a large prison complex. The Satu Mare Delirium will unlock a straitjacket, belt and dart weapon. If you visit Sgàil Island on March 19, you can face a new destination in 10 days during a high society party. From March 30th to April 12th, a free event will be held in Berlin at Club Hölle. It will be a giant egg hunt where you will be asked to learn the exterior of the club where the action will take place. This is the opportunity for you to unlock Raver’s outfit. Berlin will benefit from new decorations and new graffiti, a range of unique destinations, or new objects to collect. On March 11th, Easy Allies will offer their contract in Chongqing, while on March 25th it will be the turn of the Mendoza contract served by Eurogamer to join the party. Also, you can count on another patch to improve the overall experience of the game and prepare for the next ongoing content. From Tiraxa, writing from jeuxvideo.com MP