Ghost of Tsushima: Director and creative director honored with the Tsushima Tourism Ambassador Award – News

Game news Ghost of Tsushima: Director and Creative Director awarded the title of Tourism Ambassador for Tsushima After Ghost of Tsushima was a huge success with 5 million copies sold, Ghost of Tsushima continues to receive rewards, and this time more specifically – these two developers are given by the island’s mayor permanent tourism ambassadors of Tsushima. It is clear that the success of Ghost of Tsushima is not going to end. After Japanese gamers were celebrated by a poll by Famitsu magazine that voted it Game of the Year, the developers at Sucker Punch Productions were congratulated on their work today. Thanks to the VGC website, we learn that Nate Fox and Jason Connell, the game’s director and creative director, respectively, have received the title of Permanent Tourism Ambassador to Tsushima from the island’s Mayor, Hiroki Hitakatsu. This is the first time that this title, dedicated to those who convey Tsushima’s name and story, has been given to outsiders rather than Japanese. (Nate Fox and Jason Connell) posted the name and story. Tsushima story around the world in such a wonderful way. (…) Even many Japanese do not know the history of the Gen-Ko period (August 1331 – January 1334). To the rest of the world, Tsushima’s name and location are literally unknown, so I can’t thank them enough for telling our story with phenomenal graphics and deep storytelling. – Hiroki Hitakatsu, Mayor of Tsushima Due to the global pandemic, the ceremony will be held remotely, but Mr. Hitakatsu intends to invite the two men and the entire Sucker Punch Productions team to visit the island again as soon as the health situation permits . To mark the occasion, the city, together with Sony, will launch a new tourism campaign based on the game to encourage fans to discover the island and its landscapes. Finally, we can also imagine that this reward is related to the fact that many players mobilized last January to save a shrine on Tsushima Island after the game. You’ll also like: Buy Ghost Of Tsushima for $ 55.99 instead of $ 69.99 From TheXsable, writing by MP

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