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Bravely Default 2 Tip News, Walkthrough: Story, Side Quests, Treasure Chests … Our Complete Guide After two episodes released on 3DS and a mobile opus, Bravely Default is back on Switch with a brand new adventure. On the program are a new world, new characters and a combat system that is as efficient and addicting as ever. On the occasion of the publication we offer you our complete solution. Bravely Default 2, an old-fashioned RPG with a rich, deep, and especially entertaining gameplay mechanic, is coming to Nintendo Switch to the delight of fans of the genre. Aside from its gripping story and less cute than it might seem, this title has a wealth of content that will keep you busy for hours. Today we invite you to discover our entire Bravely Default 2 solution. To help you navigate through this gigantic content, we offer you a complete guide to Bavely Default 2, which of course sums up the course of the story, but also lots of tips on different aspects of the game:

Bravely Default 2 secondary content: full instructions

In addition to the story that will lead you to save the world from a millennial threat, you can also discover dozens of side quests that will allow you to visit the four corners of the world, chests in ruins and no less than 24 jobs (or classes ) to customize your characters. In this part of the Bravely Default 2 solution, you can discover everything related to the side quests that you may encounter in your travels. These are little stories that will allow you to learn more about specific crossbreed characters or that will get you to face formidable monsters with the key to great rewards. Below is the solution to all of the Bravely Default 2 side quests that we have with each exact location, moment in the story you can discover them and their difficulty as well as the reward received: in this part of our Bravely walkthrough Default 2 lets you discover anything related to chests that you may come across while exploring the world. To make it easier to use, we’ve organized these chests by region and location. For each of them you will also find the reward that you get by opening it: Finally, we provide detailed instructions on the classes of the game (asterisk) and the card game that it offers you during the adventure (Barrage & Domination): Read also: Back to the Bravely Default II solution summary By Antistar, journalist MPTwitter

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