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News tip Valheim: Where can I find coal? Our guide In your quest to survive in Valheim, coal will be a very important resource for you to make tools or as fuel. Follow our full guide on how to find them. In Valheim you need coal to make certain tools for yourself or to set up a foundry. Quite often, you need a lot of it to use it effectively. Our complete guide to Valheim explains how to find coal. Here are three ways to get coal in Valheim: If you kill Surtlings in the swamp biome, you have a chance to get coal. You can get some in some chests too, but the probability rate is extremely low. If you burn a dish while cooking, you will automatically get charcoal. Thanks to the charcoal oven, you can store 25 wood and cook with charcoal every time. every 20 seconds or so. To make this oven you will need 20 stones and 5 surtling hearts. Also Read: Summary of Complete Guide to Valheim By MoahRikunel, writing by MP