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News tip Valheim, guide: Mill construction If you are looking for comfort in Valheim and have a mill in your back, you can grind grain and thus produce other foods. In our comprehensive guide, we explain how to create one for yourself. You can grow vegetables or barley and oats near your base in Valheim. You can also build a mill to use your harvest. Today we invite you to explain how this equipment is made in our complete guide to Valheim.


To build a windmill, you must have defeated Moder, the dragon boss who lives in the mountain biome. When you are defeated, you will get dragon tears. You need two units and 10 wood to build a craftsman’s table. This table is necessary to be able to build the mill.

Your mill

Once you’ve created your artisan table, it’s time to build your mill. First, make sure the wind is blowing where you want to live, then collect 20 stones, 30 wooden and 30 iron nails. You can then create your own grinder to grind your beans! Also Read: Summary of Complete Guide to Valheim By MoahRikunel, writing by MP