The Witcher 3: The Soundtrack gets a full edition on vinyl news

Cultural News The Witcher 3: The Soundtrack Receives a Full Edition on Vinyl Originally released in 2015, The Witcher 3 continues to sell well, thanks largely to regular promotions and the success of the Netflix series. Particularly praised for its soundtrack, the title is a quadruple vinyl album. The Witcher 3: Complete Edition contains the music of the base game and the two expansions and is available from June 18 for € 89.99. This 4LP album will contain 63 tracks composed by Marcin Przybylowicz, Mikolai Stroinski, Piotr Musial and Percival Schuttenbac for a total duration of 120 minutes. Fans can choose between two versions, one from Just For Games with white discs with a silver “smoke” effect and the other exclusive to FNAC, which offers discs with a silver effect. Blood splatter. The full list of songs and their duration can be found on the Just For Games official website. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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