Super Nintendo World: Orlando opening postponed to 2025? – News

Super Nintendo World Event News: Orlando Opening Postponed to 2025? In the United States, the land of Super Nintendo World might not open its doors until 2025. Information from the Orange County Mayor. Last December, a Nintendo Direct presented the land of Super Nintendo World in detail for an upcoming opening in Osaka, which is due to take place in early February. A few weeks later, the company was finally forced to postpone the inauguration due to a health emergency. An update for Japanese soil is currently expected. Universal’s Epic Universe on the Orlando side, the wait could be a lot longer. Construction of the new Universal theme park, which also includes a Super Nintendo World zone, was suspended last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Work recently resumed, but the Mayor of Orange County, California told media company Orlando Sentinel that the opening has now been postponed for two years to the beginning of 2025. In a statement, Universal said that construction could take “several” months to reach cruise speed as Universal reorganizes staff for the project and brings together the teams of suppliers and contractors. “There is currently no calendar available. As a reminder, Super Nintendo World will also be part of Universal Studios in Hollywood and Universal Studios in Singapore. On the country’s official website you can find various information about the various attractions of Japan, such as Yoshi’s Adventure or the Mario Kart attraction: Koopa’s Challenge. This is also where details of the shops and many restaurants are available. Note that the entire project is still under construction, including the preparation of a room dedicated to the Donkey Kong universe From Tiraxa, letter from MP

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