PS5: the PSVR 2 controller revealed?

PS5 Chronicle: the PSVR 2 controller revealed? Sony announced last week that they would be releasing a new PlayStation VR for the PlayStation 5. Lots of new things to expect, including a new controller. And a patent filed by the brand would give us new information about this famous controller. Salomé returns to it in the first newspaper of the day. The new virtual reality headset that Sony announced for PS5 last week already brings many new features, including improving the resolution of the field of view, and the headset should be connected to the machine using a single cable. Another novelty is a new controller that replaces the PlayStation Move and takes over the main functions of the Dualsense. We learn more about this new controller through a patent application from Sony.

A new approach to control

Among the novelties, an adaptive trigger with haptic feedback, colored globes that are being replaced by LEDs are on the program. We can also determine the presence of a force sensor. However, Sony would have mainly worked on a completely new approach to controllers using everyday objects. The camera scans the internal controller down to the last detail so that it can be used as a controller by moving it around in 3D space and the game can be paused when it is no longer visible on the screen.: REVIEW ALL CHRONICLES FROM DAILY JVCOM By Wuzi_, writing from MP

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