Marvel’s Avengers – Checking and Correcting Progress Graph – News

Marvel’s Avengers Game News – Reviewing and correcting the progression graph. A few minutes after the next-generation version’s trailer was unveiled, Marvel’s Avengers is back to announce a redesign of its progression system. When it first started, several players had complained about Marvel’s Avengers progression system. Indeed, due to a linear progression system, players were quickly faced with too many skill points to grant to the various heroes, preventing them from properly exploiting the assets recently acquired for their character. Crystal Dynamics heard you and will correct the situation starting March 18, the start date of the next generation update, by proposing a redesign of the progression system. From now on, Marvel’s Avengers, like other games of the genre, offer a system for the gradual development of experience points, at least from level 25. ‘Receipt of cosmetic items. In fact, after selecting a Target Reward, players will have to complete various objectives in order to unlock this famous reward. You’ll also like: By JeromeJoffard, writing by MPTwitter

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