Good deal Harry Potter: for the purchase of a complete set of the saga = a free wand – news

Cultura has a more than original offer that speaks to PotterHeads right away! If you buy a box, Cultura offers you the baguette of your choice

The complete Harry Potter + wand of your choice

Cultura currently offers two sets, including the complete one in DVD format and the second in Blu-ray format. It is up to you to choose the format that suits you best. Then you can choose your wand. In choosing Harry, Dumbledore, Ginny or even Leta, Theseus from the Fantastic Animals saga, it is up to you to choose the one that suits you. Take advantage of the full box offer + a baguette at Cultura

“The wand that chose its wizard Mr Potter”

Harry Potter traces the adventures of a young wizard who develops in a world he previously knew nothing about. Endowed with magical powers, he entered the prestigious Hogwarts School of Witchcraft. Based on the book series by JK Rowling, the saga is completely contained in this set and also contains bonus parts that teach you more about the background of the set. Also read: By MrBonsPlans, partner MP

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