Elite Dangerous: Odyssey finally finds a release date for its Alpha on PC News

Game News Elite Dangerous: Odyssey finally finds a release date for its Alpha on PC On January 13th, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, the future big expansion of Frontier Developments’ space adventure, has been postponed until next spring with no further precision, promising us the imminent arrival of an alpha . Today this alpha is finally coming to the fore and is even taking the opportunity to announce its release date. So we don’t have to wait long to get our hands on the alpha of the PC version of Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, as the latter will be available from March 29th or in a little less than a month. This alpha is available to all players who have pre-ordered the expansion. It offers budding commanders the opportunity to take part in raids that offer running phases and bring up to three participants together at the same time. To accompany this announcement, Frontier Developments is apparently offering a whole new gameplay video for players to experience one of these famous raids. The aim is to deactivate a power plant in order to make the opposing faction completely powerless. The three commanders on the incursion team are specially equipped for their assigned roles and are selected from the wide range of spacesuits, weapons, and equipment available in Elite Dangerous: Odyssey. Their tactical gear gives them an edge in their assigned tasks, whether they are infiltrating the base to avoid being spotted, lying down while the deck fire is fired when the alarm goes off, hacking their teammates, or quickly out of a tight position out when enemy forces overwhelm them. As a reminder, Elite Dangerous: Odyssey will be available on PC late spring 2021 and consoles next fall.: By JeromeJoffard, writing from jeuxvideo.com MPTwitter