After the autumn trailer: Co-op VR FPS Resurfaces

After the Fall Trailer: Cooperative VR FPS Resurfaces were formalized at E3 in 2019. After the Fall has been very reluctant since then. At the beginning of the year, the title reappears with a new trailer and an upcoming closed beta. Developed by Vertigo Games, to whom we owe Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall will soon be coming to PS4 via PSVR and PC. The title can be played alone or in collaboration with four players and invites players to explore a Los Angeles that was frozen in the 80s and occupied by creatures called Snowbreed. These, of varying sizes and operating in hordes, appeared after a mysterious pandemic and it will be up to the players to eliminate them. To do this, they can rely on many pieces of equipment, weapons, and powers that they can discover during a scripted campaign. In today’s trailer we see the characters leaving their shelter to fight. To get access to the closed beta, simply register on the official website. By MalloDelic, journalist MP

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