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Blade, the French company at the forefront of PC solutions in Cloud Shadow, would be at the center of an unprecedented financial crisis. The company is said to be actively seeking an acquisition while 2020 was not a very glorious year for Blade, whose shadow solutions have caused many delays and one of the co-founders, Emmanuel Freund, preferred to leave the ship because of disagreement with the management sees that The year 2021 is no better. In any case, this is what our colleagues at Next Inpact found out, who conducted their investigation to answer a simple question: where is Blade, and therefore Shadow? The answer is just as simple: the company is badly off point that it would currently be placed under the protection of the commercial court through judicial restructuring, the website explains. The information provided by Next Inpact comes from company-related internal sources, e.g. B. Employees or partners who are concerned about the turnaround of the situation.

Discreet or non-existent communication

In the early years, Blade was not stingy on communications, giving numerous presentations to both the press and the public, and never missing the opportunity to send out a press release announcing the opening of a new market. In March 2020, the announcement of an acceleration in international development caused quite a stir, particularly due to an important partnership with LG to invest in South Korea. Ambitions are not always enough, however, and Blade, which has had fundraising activities since it was founded in 2015, is visibly destitute after the failure of a new financial round table in late 2020. Information that has never been officially submitted by the company and it’s easy to see why.

A buyer who is really in demand

The sidewalk in the pond that our colleagues threw as part of their investigation did not keep the company reacting for long to the voice of Victor Grimoin, its creative manager. The company employee, who was faced with questions about Twitch this morning and faced with Shadow users who were concerned their PC might go to the cloud, said she “will be communicating live about the situation very soon to clarify “before adding that the main purpose of the ongoing bankruptcy process is to have a new partner to take over Shadow. “It will now be necessary to wait for Blade executives to decide to speak specifically to learn more about the company’s fate. By akazan, letter from MP

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