Genshin Impact Trailer: Hu Tao shows his skills

Hu Tao’s abilities

Normal attack

Chain up to 6 spear strikes.

Charged attack

Attack in a straight line, dealing damage to enemies in their path. This attack consumes stamina

Top-down attack

Dive out of the air to hit the ground, dealing damage and area damage on impact to enemies along the way.

Rebirth hood

Only eternal laziness can cleanse evil from this world. Hu Tao consumes a certain amount of health to repel nearby enemies and enters the state. Paramito PapilioParamita PapilioHu Tao’s attack increases proportionally to her maximum health when she enters this state. The bonus granted in this way may not exceed 400% of his basic attack. ; Attack damage is converted to pyro damage and cannot be enchanted .; Charged attacks cause the plum bud effect. Only one Plum Bud at a time can affect the same target, and the duration of this effect can only be updated by Hu Tao. The Paramita Papilio state ends at the end of its duration when Hu Tao leaves the battlefield or when he is defeated.

Divine appeasement

Hu Tao invokes the fiery souls and inflicts pyro damage over a wide area. Hu Tao receives an amount of HP from each enemy hit (maximum 5 enemies), which is proportional to his maximum HP. Damage dealt and HP restored are greater when Hu Tao’s HP is 50% or less when the skill hits.


The critical rate of all characters on the team (except Hu Tao) increases by 12% for 8 seconds when the Paramita Papilio status granted by Rebirth Hood ends.

Boiling blood

Hu Tao receives a 33% Pyro Damage bonus when his HP is 50% or less

The more the better

18% chance of receiving an additional suspicious dish of the same type when cooking a perfect dish.