WHO says new Coronavirus strain not spreading in an uncontrolled manner

The new strain of the corona virus found in Britain has caused fear around the world. This new strain is 70 percent more dangerous than the Covid-19 virus, which is causing concern around the world. More than 40 countries, including India, have banned airlines and separated themselves from Britain. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has given relief news that a new strain of the corona virus found in Britain is not yet ‘out of control’. The WHO says the new strain of the corona virus is not yet uncontrollable.

A new strain of the corona virus has not yet been uncontrolled, the WHO said

“We have seen high rates of infection in many places during the Corona epidemic,” Michael Reya, chief of the World Health Organization’s emergency department, told a news conference. And we’ve got it over with. ‘ He added, “The situation is not out of control if viewed in this way, but it cannot be left as it is without some action being taken.” “The measures we have to take to avoid corona at the present time are the right solution,” Ryan said. It is worth noting that Matt Hancock, Britain’s health secretary, had earlier claimed that the new form of the corona virus was out of control. Let’s say that this new form of the virus is 70 percent more contagious.

“We are doing what we need to do,” he added

We have to do it a little faster and schedule it for a while so that we can control this new virus. In the true sense of the word, we have to work hard to control it.

Many countries, including India, banned travel to Britain

A new strain of the corona virus has surfaced in parts of England, spreading rapidly, with Germany, Italy, Belgium, Denmark, Bulgaria, the Irish Republic, Turkey and Canada deciding to suspend flights to Britain. While India has also banned British flights plying here. Other countries and territories that have banned travel to Britain include Hong Kong, Israel, Iran, Croatia, Argentina, Morocco, Chile and Kuwait.

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