The DOW? More like the DOWN. Why The Stock Market Took A Hit.

Posted by: Aamir
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In case you haven't heard, the stock market is temporarily fucked. It seems as if Trump's tweets act like economic nuclear missiles whenever he mentions China or anything for that matter. Here's an update this past week as tensions in the market reach an all-time high.

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As of late, I know this is a sensitive subject for stockholders. If you're involved in the stock market, this is probably how you feel towards Trump right now...
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Trump recently called out China for years of massive tariffs. He claims that China and other countries have been taking advantage of the United States in terms of economics, theft, and much more (via @realDonaldTrump).

DJT's plan is devised to bring jobs back to the United States. Some believe Trump is skewing the market for personal gain, whilst that may be true, keep in mind that this has been an ongoing battle for years long before Trump.

Now, if you are a day-trader or simply own a chunk of stocks, you probably took a hit. For what looked like a good week in the market–soon turned to shits.
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Right now the stock market looks scary, but I feel with time this could be good for our economy in the long run. Trump is trying to make everything from the United States–United States-based. We'll see what happens this upcoming. It's gonna get a hell of a lot uglier before it gets pretty.

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