Just Because The Man Looks Like Steve Jobs, Doesn't Mean It's Steve Jobs.

Posted by: Aamir

A photo broke the internet of a man who apparently looks a lot like Steve Jobs. [CLICK TO SEE THE PHOTO]

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People are coming up with conspiracy theories that this man faked his death to live a life in Egypt. Stop it, get some help.

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Random dude in Egypt just trying to live his life, someone snaps a pic–now everyone thinks he's fucking Steve Jobs.
This man is just minding his fucking business, looks like he's in deep thought of some sort on some Yoda shit–but no, let's snap a picture of him. BOOM, here come the conspiracy theories...

Everyone right now. 
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I'm sure there's gonna be YouTube videos of some Illuminati confirmed shit and long archives of into depth reasoning behind why this man is Steve Jobs.

Here's a thought, maybe the dude just looks like Steve Jobs, BUT, he's not actually Steve Jobs.
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Just a thought.

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