The San Francisco Giants Comeback

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Three months ago, the San Francisco Giants would've been counted out of the playoff chase, but not anymore. During the month of July, the Giants were on one of the hottest streaks in the MLB, finishing with a win record of 18 out of 25 games.
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Over the last two months, many rumors have been swirling around the league that key players, like Madison Bumgarner and Will Smith would be traded. Rumors from our front office were coming out that if a push for the wild card wasn't possible, that they were going to make massive changes.
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Luckily over the month of July, the Giants went on a great winning streak and signs of life started to show. Today, the trade deadline passed and none of the key players were traded, which is a sign that the Giants are going for a playoff run.
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This feels like a blast from the past since the last two wild card berths led to two World Championships for the SF Giants. Can we make the wild card this season? All our questions will be answered soon enough.

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