Kawhi To The Clippers. Oh, And He's Bringing Paul George With Him.

Posted by: Aamir
This just in, Kawhi Leonard to the Los Angeles Clippers. Not only is he going to the Clips, but he's bringing OKC's Paul George with him. Both these guys were bound for LA, it's just a shocker that it's the Clippers and not the Lakers. What does this mean?
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Here's a live look at Lakers fans.
Lakers fans are feelin some kind of way right now. The Los Angeles Lakers were riding a high after getting AD up until today. The league was convinced that Kawhi Leonard would be teaming up with LeBron, but unfortunately that ship has sunk. As a Kings fan, this isn't really unfortunate for me, except for the fact that now the Western Conference has become more competitive. Lakers fans shouldn't worry either, you still have a good core to work around. Plus, free agency isn't even close to over yet. Overall, I think this is great for the game. The energy in California is absolutely ridiculous for the Warriors, Kings, Clippers, and Lakers. I'm excited.

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