Don’t Cry When Cousins Goes To The Lakers!

Posted by: Ameen
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DeMarcus Cousins has just fired his agent for not being able to get him a contract and is still looking for a deal.

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If I told you 2 years ago that DeMarcus Cousins would be a free agent and no team was willing to sign him, you’d call me crazy. Well 2 years later and this is definitely the case. He tore his Achilles in January of 2018 and this lead to him signing with the Warriors, so that he could ease his way back from the most devastating injury in sports. This plan at face level looked amazing. Play for the best team in the NBA for cheap, while getting a chance to actually recover from a team that didn’t necessarily need him to win games. But this plan had a slight problem that he didn’t foresee, and that was him injuring his quad during the playoffs. This injury caused him to miss sometime, which isn’t that big of a deal because again he was on the Warriors. But, this may have cost him millions of dollars.
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As of right now, he is still unsigned and it doesn’t look look there is much interest for him on the market. But, what if the Lakers were to offer him a contract at the mid level or veterans minimum. I believe that he would take the contract for a chance to play with LeBron James and Anthony Davis, possibly even Kawhi Leonard. If this were to happen, I could only imagine how unstoppable this team would be. All of the NBA word would yell from the top of their lungs that this isn’t fair and they may be right. But who cares. You can’t fault a man like Cousins for putting himself in the best position to win. All you can do is pray that someone picks him up before the Lakers do.

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