Best Characters On Stranger Things Season 3 Don't @ Me

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Here's a list I've compiled of the best characters from Stranger Things Season 3. All rankings have been thoroughly thought of, while some were just pure no brainers. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS SO DON'T READ, GO WATCH SEASON 3.

Image result for dustin stranger things 3This is a no brainer. Dustin is the glue of the group, without him everyone in Hawkins would pretty much be dead or have no hope. Dustin is the only kid that remains positive the entire show. He also had to deal with his friends sucking face the whole Stranger Things Season 3, so lets give him props for putting up with that. He's easily the most lovable character on the show. Dusty-bun will forever rank at the top of this list.

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Steve's hair could be the only reason he's on this list, but sadly its not. Steve plays a crucial role on this show by being the mom of all the kids. He's the only adult supervision these badass little kids have in the show. I don't know what the younglings would do without him. His character is also one of the chillest people on the show, so it's hard not to add him to this list.

All he wanted to do was drink his damn slurpees in peace, but no, roid-rage dude had to shoot em right in the chest. Alexei was a simple man, just making his way through the galaxy. He could've lived the American dream, but unfortunately got caught working with the wrong side. I didn't care about Barbs death, lowkey felt Bob's death, but definitely sulked when my boy Alexei died.

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You know how I said Steve was the mom of all the kids? Well, Hopper is the dad of ALL the characters on this show. He could also be on this list purely due to the fact that he wore this fresh button up. From one dad to another, I respect my dude Hopper.

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I know what you're thinking. BILLY IS ON THIS LIST? Yeah, Billy is on the damn list. Billy is the most badass character on the show without a doubt. From flirting with cougars to roasting the good ol people of Hawkins, the boy Billy is a stud. There's no boring scene that has Billy in it. Every scene with Billy ALWAYS has some shit that goes down. Other than Eleven, he probably has the darkest past, which explains why he is the way he is in terms of character depth. Hate or love him, his character really grows on you.

And I'm just gonna say it, if they kill Billy off for good, I'm not watching Stranger Things Season 4 (I probably won't stick to that statement come next year). #BringBillyBack

Who's on your Stranger Things Mount Rushmore?

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