NFL: Who Needs A 50 Year Old Quarterback? Say No More, Brett Favre Is Here.

Posted by: Aamir
BREAKING: Brett Favre has just announced via Instagram, that he will come back to the NFL in 2020. So if anyone needs a 49 year old quarterback, say no more. Brett Favre is here.
Whilst typing this blog in real-time, it appears that Brett has deleted his Instagram post, maybe his PR team or manager was like "Yo, Bretty, chill the fuck out grandpa". Probably a manager takedown or Brett Favre is just day drinking at 2PM completely shit faced on a beach somewhere in Florida, who knows.

But here's a live look at what 2020 Brett Favre in the NFL could look like..
Image result for old guy playing football gif
Not even making fun, who knows, maybe Brett Favre can lead a team on some Brady shit. I doubt it but who knows. He could still def help younger quarterbacks with his Yoda like wisdom. Let's see what happens.
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