NBA: Kemba Walker, A New Look Celtics

Posted by: Issa
Not an enormous shocker, but the Celtics have officially lost Kyrie Irving according to WOJ from ESPN. Luckily, we were able to get Kemba Walker as his replacement.
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Changes have already started to happen in the last couple of wks. for Celtics Nation. We lost Aaron Baynes after trading him to the Phoenix Suns. Al Horford decided to sign with the Philadelphia 76ers. No one knows if Marcus Morris or Terry Rozier will re-sign with us.

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So what are the Celtics going to do now? Kemba Walker was just signed by us for a four year $140 million dollar contract. I don't believe Terry will accept an offer from us, especially after this previous season. He wants a big contract and to become a starter. That definitely isn't happening after the signing of Kemba. I am praying that Danny Ainge makes an offer to Morris. He was a huge help for us last year by giving us true consistency throughout the season and being a vocal leader in the locker room. I hope management uses the rest of the money in the cap space and utilizes it for key assets. 

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