Huge Great White Shark Encounter on Jersey Shore, Not A Baby Shark.

Posted by: Aamir
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Imagine fishing with the boys on a fishing trip, and then one of your bros spots something weird in the water. You look deep into the mysterious waves of darkness and see the shadows of something you recognize from movies. Oof.

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The rippling currents of the waves make it hard to see what's happening, but you see the outline of it. Your eyes can't fucking believe it, you try to convince yourself that it can't be what you think it is. You see it approaching your boat, it's a great white shark. Your boy pulls his phone out and starts playing Baby Shark while recording a Snapchat video. Well, believe it or not, this happened to these guys in New Jersey.

Good thing these guys have dealt with sharks before, or this could've been one really fucked situation. More importantly, I just hope the shark wasn't harmed in this video. Here's a fun fact, "For every human killed by a shark, humans kill approximately two million sharks. [National Geographic, 2015]. This just goes to show that sharks aren't all that bad. Plus, you really only have to worry about these guys if you surf in shark infested waters, AND even then, most surfers don't worry about sharks. They are just as apart of this planet as we are. Great video, I would've probably taken a selfie with it though!
 *baby shark begins to play*

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