New Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Release, Is It Worth The Buy?

Posted by: Issa
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The annual Samsung release of the Galaxy Note series continued this year when the Samsung team released the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10/10+. Ladies and gentleman, I am here today to tell you that they did not disappoint.

YouTuber Abuses Dog, Weakest Apology Ever Written.

Posted by: Aamir
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If you haven't already heard, YouTuber Brooke Houts, accidentally uploaded footage of what was supposed to be cut out of her final edited video. In the ugly video, she is seen smacking her dog, at one point even spitting on the doggo because it was playfully yipping at her.

The NCAA Brings Racism Into The Sports World.

Posted by: Aamir
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The NCAA just made a new rule for sports agents to obtain the following if they wish to manage players:

The San Francisco Giants Comeback

Posted by: Issa
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Three months ago, the San Francisco Giants would've been counted out of the playoff chase, but not anymore. During the month of July, the Giants were on one of the hottest streaks in the MLB, finishing with a win record of 18 out of 25 games.

If You Haven't Seen The New Lion King Yet, Go See It Now.

Posted by: Aamir
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If you're reading this it's too late. Just kidding, it's NOT too late, but you're missing out! If you haven't heard by now, my favorite cartoon movie of all time, The Lion King, was recently remade this year in 2019. Allow me to tell you why this movie is a MUST watch.

Blessing In Disguise For The Celtics, Massive Changes!

Posted by: Issa
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After a heartbreaking season for Boston Celtics fans around the world, it became even worse at the beginning of the offseason after learning of the departure of Kyrie Irving. Ladies and gentlemen, I am here to tell you today that it can only go up from here.

J. Cole Is For The Culture, Huge Dreamville Collab In 10 Days W/ Unheard Of Artists.

Posted by: Aamir

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J. Cole wanted to do something entirely different for the rap game. He rented out a studio with his Dreamville crew, except only he invited unheard of artists to collab on an album. Only the best verses made the cut. They confined themselves in solitude for 10 days, this is what they came up with.

Best Characters On Stranger Things Season 3 Don't @ Me

Posted by: Aamir
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Here's a list I've compiled of the best characters from Stranger Things Season 3. All rankings have been thoroughly thought of, while some were just pure no brainers. THERE ARE SPOILERS IN THIS SO DON'T READ, GO WATCH SEASON 3 LIKE NOW.

NBA: Jerry West, The Man With A Plan

Posted by: Issa
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In the late hours on Friday night, five days into free agency, the tides of the NBA shifted. Shockwaves were heard all around the world, the Clippers, who many thought were out of the Kawhi sweepstakes, comes in and makes the biggest signing of their franchise.

Kawhi To The Clippers. Oh, And He's Bringing Paul George With Him.

Posted by: Aamir
This just in, Kawhi Leonard to the Los Angeles Clippers. Not only is he going to the Clips, but he's bringing OKC's Paul George with him. Both these guys were bound for LA, it's just a shocker that it's the Clippers and not the Lakers. What does this mean?
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